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2020 Online Structured Summer Session - Student Orientation – June 29, 2020

Close your eyes and imagine seventy-four (74) students (high school and undergraduate), four (4) HCOP team members and a huge amount of bandwidth – what do you see?

An absolutely successful virtual student orientation! 

Monday, June 29, 2020 began the start of the 1st 2020 Online Structured Summer Session and to kick things off, students from all over the nation got a chance to get acquainted with HCOP in a virtual space using Zoom – an audio/video conferencing application.  In preparation of the virtual student orientation, each student was provided with their very own personalized e-Orientation packet beforehand to review which included a course schedule, program session calendar, daily sign-in instructions, student online learning guide, pre-assessment surveys, tutoring referral guide and much more.

To start the day, the HCOP Program Supervisor, Aminatu Issaka, thanked all participants for completing the admission process and attending orientation.  Next up, students got to learn about the history of Creighton University's Pipeline to Success - Health Careers Opportunity Program, its community partners, mission, vision and purpose as well as what the 2020 Online Structured Summer Session would mimic in a virtual space.  Additional HCOP staff members (including the HCOP Program Director – Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki) had the opportunity to introduce themselves and welcome students along this journey. 

Next up, the HCOP Academic Success Counselor, Christina Jelinek, lead the students in several icebreaker activities in order for the students to get to know each other a little better and ultimately get a fill for Zoom and all its exciting functions.  In addition, she spoke to the students on her role as the HCOP Academic Success Counselor and what resources HCOP would be providing during the session and beyond.  And what better way to end a 3-hour virtual student orientation but with a Q&A session – students had a chance to ask questions, share thoughts and express excitement towards the beginning of an exciting summer.

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