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ACT Full-Length Practice Exam, Basic Life Support Training and Much More

Saturday, January 11, 2020, the first HCOP session after the holiday break, was full of activities catered to each academic level (high school, undergraduate, and health professional). As for the high school students, it was test-taking time. Each high school student participant was advised ahead of time to get plenty of rest, eat breakfast, bring a test-approved calculator and be ready to take an ACT full-length practice exam right here on Creighton University campus. As many already know, the ACT full length practice exam lasts approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes (including breaks); therefore, preparation is key for not only the students but for HCOP staff proctoring the exam.

On this very same day, after rave reviews of the previously attended Basic Life Support (BLS) Training, our HCOP undergraduate cohort had the opportunity to obtain their Basic Life Support (BLS) certification (which is good for two years) as well. The training was facilitated by the Creighton University's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Education department and the American Heart Association (AHA). During the training, each HCOP student learned to gain muscle memory as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to be ready to respond to life-threatening emergencies. In addition, each student learned how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), use an automated external defibrillator (AED) safely and swiftly assist a choking victim.

Now we can’t forget about our HCOP health professional students!! As these eleven (11) students are on the brink of entering their health professional careers, HCOP staff understood one of the basics needs of a newly-starting health professional – how to navigate the realm of negotiating employment salary and reviewing contracts as a health professional. We were happy to have Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki, a well-seasoned and practicing ophthalmologist – who is also our HCOP Program Director, come in for the day to lead a workshop titled “Negotiating Salaries and Contracts – The Health Professional Toolkit”. Students were heavily engaged as Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki discussed the intricacies of how to negotiate a salary if employed by a hospital or private practice, employment benefits, malpractice insurance, contract term lengths, the art of give-and-take, etc. It was definitely one of our most informative workshops yet!!

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