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At HCOP, Fridays are for Fun!

Who doesn't love Friday? Here at HCOP, we certainly do - because Fridays are the day for fun for HCOP Structured Summer Program participants! Each Friday during the 6-week program, HCOP participants have had the opportunity to gain some awesome new knowledge to help them jump-start their futures. Here's a peek at some of their activities.

July 10th - Cultural Competency Training with Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki

HCOP is committed to building a world where health disparities are a thing of the past. In order to help raise up a generation of health professionals who are culturally competent, HCOP held a cultural competency workshop for all participants, lead by HCOP Program Director, Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki. Students were encouraged to bring items that represented their culture to share with the group.

July 17th - Financial Aid and Financial Literacy Day with EducationQuest

On this Friday, the topic was all things financial. Undergraduates and high-school students alike were able to learn about the ins and outs of financial aid - from the types of loans and grants to deadlines to keep in mind. Financial literacy was also a topic of this day, with students learning the importance of budgeting, building credit, and being a conscientious spender.

July 24th - Presentation by Joel Dougherty, COO of OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.

Many times we think of a healthcare facility from the point of view of a patient or perhaps a doctor. On this Friday Fun-Day, HCOP participants were able to learn about a community health center from the perspective of one of it's leaders. Joel Dougherty, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. joined our virtual space to tell students about what a community health center is, how it operates, and some of the great endeavors OneWorld is undertaking in Omaha.

Virtual Job Shadowing

Along with all of these great activities, a portion of every Friday is reserved for VIRTUAL job shadowing! Since the global pandemic precludes HCOP from it's regular round of field trips and in-person clinical experiences, HCOP brings the experiences to students using informative videos from real health professionals outlining their jobs, the challenges and successes they face, as well as what their path to their career looked like. Each session of virtual job shadowing is followed by a group discussion on the various careers shown.

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