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Conceive It, Believe It, Achieve It!

Success is not obtained overnight…which is why planning is key for every student who wishes to succeed academically and professionally. Not having a plan can be an extremely REACTIVE way to approach life; whereas, developing a plan reframes that in order for a student to become PROACTIVE in their academic and professional journey.

Through planning it allows the student to:

• Focus on specific academic and professional priorities.

• Steer clear of things that will not help in reaching their goals.

• Understand that change is good and offers an alternate perspective.

• Provide motivation and encouragement along the journey.

• Allow a method of tracking accomplished goals and goals that are still in the works.

And who better to help fifty-five (55) HCOP high school, undergraduate, and health professional students “create” a plan than Ms. Gwynette Williams – Leadership and Professional Development Guru (back by popular demand). On Saturday, April 9, 2022, Ms. Gwynette Williams led the “Creating A Five-Year Plan” workshop where students were required to dig deep on where each of them plan on being five years from now. During the workshop, students worked on defining their purpose and learning strategies on how to achieve that purpose including developing their very own personal mission statements. Next, students were charged with identifying their values and what/who were a part of their “circle of influence” – this is where the self-reflection became surprising to many!!!

Students were left to complete a more in-depth 5-year plan worksheet on their own time and this tidbit:

Stop and think about the ways we choose to spend our time and how we can make the most of it!!

Let’s get to planning HCOPers!!!

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