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Financial Literacy Basics with HCOP

In the fall of 2021, during HCOP session 2, HCOP participants were educated about financial aid (i.e. securing the funds to make college possible). Beyond securing funding for school expenses, however, there is the task of managing money before, during, and after college.

During HCOP session 13 on March 19th, 2022, participants were able to learn some basics of financial literacy. Covered under this umbrella of financial literacy were the topics of:

● Budgeting and knowing where your money goes

● Various apps and best practices for keeping track of funds

● What is a credit score and how do I check mine?

● Building credit and understanding credit cards

● Tips to avoid identity theft

At the close of the presentation, students were shown the EducationQuest Reality Check tool, which allows students to simulate the lifestyle they want someday and see if the careers they are interested in make this realistic. The high school students not participating in the mock ACT/SAT then took part in an online simulated financial management game called “Mind Your Own Budget”, where they were tasked with using their simulated paychecks wisely and putting money in savings.

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