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Goodbye for Now - HCOP 2021-2022 Ambassador Awards and Recognition Ceremony

On Saturday, April 30th, HCOP will host the Awards and Recognition Ceremony for the 2021-2022 Health Careers Ambassador Program.

The ceremony will be a mixture of celebration and looking back over a successful Ambassador program. HCOP staff will have a closing message for the students, as well as a recap of all the programming that took place during the session. Students will hear a message from keynote speaker Dr. Larry Figgs and will have a chance to reflect on what the program has meant to them over the past 7 months. Students will meet one last time with their mentoring groups, and even get the chance to play some games and take part in a virtual dance party!

Participants are encouraged to wear their HCOP t-shirt to show their HCOP pride!

Each participant who completes the HCOP program will be provided with a certificate of program completion. Additionally, each participant will be given a certificate of completion of virtual shadowing. This certificate confirms their hours of virtual shadowing which took place via monthly virtual clinical simulations with Dr. John Stone.

It’s truly been an incredible year with our HCOP participants, and the HCOP staff is sad to see it come to a close!

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