HCOP's Response to COVID-19

Updated: Sep 30

The HCOP team has been closely monitoring the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates as well as real-time local, state and federal recommendations. We understand that being able to adapt to our world’s current circumstances may be difficult for most and that’s why we’re here to let you know that you can count on us to be there for you and your families.

To minimize the risk of exposure in our community, all in-person HCOP sessions were CANCELLED since March 2020. Does this mean that HCOP ends…the answer is NO.

Therefore, the remaining HCOP sessions will be offered online and will remain interactive, fun and educational. And note, once finalized, these on-line trainings/workshops will be REQUIRED to be completed by each student.

So what does this mean for communication…it means that each of you must pledge to communicate with the HCOP team frequently via email as this will be the official method of communication to relay information regarding HCOP sessions, stipends, on-line trainings/workshops, upcoming events, etc.

In other words, CHECK YOUR EMAIL EVERYDAY and if you believe that we may have an incorrect email address for you, contact the HCOP office immediately to update your information.



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