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HCOP Session 6 with Body Interact™ Virtual Patient Simulator

On Saturday, November 14th, 2020, HCOP high school and undergraduate students had the opportunity to take part in the second virtual clinical immersion experience with the Body Interact™ virtual patient simulator.

Once again, students were able to use the Body Interact™ virtual patient simulator to envision their role as physicians. Students were able to ask questions, perform exams, order tests and, ultimately, treat the virtual patient in the case assigned to them in the week prior to the Saturday session.

During the virtual session, students were able to meet with the class instructor, Dr. John Stone, MD, PhD, who led students through the diagnosis and treatment of the virtual patient. In addition, Dr. Stone encouraged the students to ask questions and participate in discussions on many other healthcare-related topics, including the treatment of patients, lessons learned as a physician, and medical school experience. Students were able to utilize breakout rooms to discuss the simulation and brainstorm in groups.

After the clinical simulation experience, all participants were given a certificate of completion for their time spent immersed in a virtual clinical space.

The COVID-19 pandemic may change the way we interact, but thanks to Body Interact™ virtual patient simulator and Dr. Stone, we are still able to make great strides in learning about - and gaining experience in - the healthcare field.

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