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HCOP Testimonials

“Good afternoon again! I just wanted to personally email you! Words can’t explain how I really appreciate the opportunity I had in taking this program, only actions will show you that. But I will say this in words I really do appreciate the experience I had in taking the HCOP program and am willing to take it again if the program stays virtually due to COVID. That’s how willing I love to come back. If the program is not in a virtual place, I can definitely participate in talking to students about this program. This program does not only help people it shows them how health professions can come in any type of job career. Personally, I love to work or speak with health professions workers to see their experience with different type of jobs. This program showed me that in one way or the other healthcare professions are really my career goals. In my recommendation letter I said “saving lives is like giving a person another chance”. As a student I work so hard to achieve my goals and I won’t stop. I will keep pushing myself because one day I will really know what the values are. One thing about me is education is one massive achievement. This spring I took DE “dual enrollment” classes in a virtual space and am inclined to do whatever it takes to learn. All what I wrote is coming from the help of the program. The program made me realize so many useful things. My appreciation goes to the professors who helped my thinking and learning skills. My appreciation goes to Mrs. Christina Jelinek, Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki and my last huge appreciation goes to you Ms. Aminatu Issaka. Am grateful! Thank you all so much for believing in every student that comes your way through this program. It’s not all about money! Education can bring a lot to the world. Once again, THANK YOU 😌🙏🏽. I don’t know Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki’s email address but can you please forward it to her. I know I wrote a lot to read but words can’t explain the realization.” – Ifeoluwa Arogun – High School Structured Summer Participant

“Thank you so much for allowing me the chance to experience such a great program. Over the past few weeks, I have learned so many things that I'm very excited to put to use in my future career.” – Ashley Michel German Bueno - Undergraduate Structured Summer Participant

“Thank you very much! It honors me to receive these and to be a part of this program. Once again, thanks for offering such great opportunities to students like me. This has helped me to better understand the health professions and will help me with my future testing for dental school.” – Ana Cedeno Escobar - Undergraduate Structured Summer Participant

“Thank you so much! It was a great experience!” – Kendall Mosley – Undergraduate Structured Summer Participant

“Hello I just wanted to email to say thank you again for the opportunity, it was amazing.” – Wyatt Williams - High School Structured Summer Participant

“Hey Mr. Selkin, I’d like to thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me this summer in my enrichment course with you. I took my ACT on the 17th , and got my results back today. All my subject scores went up by 4 except for science. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for your tips and tricks and help! You’re great at what you do and I can finally say that I’m comfortable with my score or that I at least know i can do better!” – Steven D’Almeida - High School Structured Summer Participant

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