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How To Avoid Being A Workaholic – “ Self-Care Is Not Selfish” Workshop

Saturday, February 13, 2021 was an extremely special day because it focused solely on: SELF! Forty (40) HCOP undergraduate and health professional students had the opportunity to attend the “How To Avoid Being A Workaholic: Self-Care is Not SELFish” virtual workshop which was headed up by Gwynette Williams – Leadership and Professional Development guru. As future practicing health professionals, our HCOP students got a first-hand lesson on why it is important to take care of yourself and not feel guilty – self-care is never a selfish act.

The workshop’s interactive agenda and objectives focused primarily on:

Defining Self-Care

Self-Care Must Haves

Identifying Needs, Boundaries, and Goals

Managing Stressors - Circle of Influence

Obstacles and Plans


Becoming a successful health professional can only be accomplished by practicing self-care FIRST!! Our HCOPers learned that self-care is the only way they can take care of others (patients); it’s empowering and motivating; and a perfect reminder that each of them are worthy of being a health professional.

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