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Leadership in Healthcare

When we think of a hospital or clinic, many times we think of the individuals who work with patients every day - doctors, dentists, nurses, etc. However, behind all the clinical staff is a network of management, supervision, and leadership that helps to make an organization run smoothly and ensure needs are met. This element, summed up as healthcare administration, was the focus of HCOP Session 4’s Leadership in Healthcare workshop.

The workshop was led by Dr. Richard L. Brown, PhD, FACHE - former Chief Executive Officer of Charles Drew Health Center, a federally qualified health center (or FQHC) located in Omaha, Nebraska and currently the Executive Director of a program, Racial and Ethnic Approach to Community Health (REACH) in the department of Health Sciences’ Multicultural and Community Affairs (HS-MACA).

Dr. Brown defined healthcare management in a broad sense, discussed the importance of mentoring in fostering leadership qualities, and outlined the qualities all future healthcare leaders must possess in order to be successful in their fields.

Students enjoyed having the opportunity to ask questions about healthcare administration and the growing healthcare industry, as well as more general questions about becoming a leader.

Student feedback from the session was very positive, with one student commenting "I really enjoyed the discussion from Dr. Brown. Very informative!"

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