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Meet Aminatu Issaka

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Aminatu Issaka, MFS

Aminatu Issaka is the Program Supervisor for Creighton University's Pipeline to Success Health Careers Opportunity Program. Aminatu is originally from Ghana, West Africa and attended Jackson State University in Jackson, MS where she received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and eventually went on to obtain a Certificate of Forensic Chemistry and a Master of Science in Forensic Sciences. Aminatu has been working at Creighton University for 2+ years.

Aminatu spent the previous 16 years in Atlanta, Georgia where she worked as a Senior Analytical and Environmental Chemist. She then moved to Omaha, NE to discover more ways to impact students seeking a health professional career as well as the surrounding community.

Aminatu thoroughly enjoys traveling, trying out new cuisine, spending time with family and friends, and on-line shopping!!

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