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Meet our 2021 HCOP Summer Instructors!

The 2021 HCOP Structured Summer Program has an all-star cast of instructors to teach our 16 enrichment courses. Let's meet them!

Dr. William Austin, Ed.D., M.A.E. This is Dr. Austin's third summer of teaching for the HCOP Structured Summer program. Dr. Austin is an associate professor in the Teacher Education Program at the University of Nebraska - Omaha with an interest in multicultural inclusion and diversity awareness. For HCOP, he teaches Psychology Enrichment.

Dr. Brenda Grewe, PhD After over 20 years of teaching Biology at the college level, Dr. Brenda Grewe recently retired from her most recent position as an associate professor of instruction in the Biology department at the University of Iowa. For HCOP, Dr. Grewe teaches the Genetics Enrichment course. This is Dr. Grewe's second summer of teaching for HCOP.

Dr. Joshua Jamison, PhD Dr. Jamison earned his Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Pathology in 2014. After working in a laboratory setting, Dr. Jamison became in instructor of Biology for the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff before pursuing his passion for web-based learning. He is currently teaching Cellular Biology for the HCOP Summer program. This is Dr. Jamison's second summer of teaching for HCOP.

Ashutosh Kumar, MS Mr. Kumar is currently an instructor at Central High School in Omaha, NE, teaching Physics at the Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (AB), and regular levels. He is also an IB examiner and tutor of students in Physics. For the HCOP summer program, he teaches high school Physics, Undergraduate Physics, and Algebra/Trigonometry. This is Mr. Kumar's second summer of teaching for HCOP.

Amanda Marcuccio, MS, M.Ed., MA Ms. Marcuccio has been an English teacher for Mercy High School in Omaha, NE since 2006. Besides teaching English (including AP and Honors-level coursework), she also has taught as an adjunct professor at the post-secondary level. Ms. Marcuccio is currently teaching Academic Reading and Writing for the HCOP Summer program. This is Ms. Marcuccio's second summer of teaching for HCOP.

Dr. Babatunde Ojo, PhD A tenured professor of Chemistry and Biology at Dine College in Arizona, Dr. Ojo has his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry, and has an extensive background in both instruction and research. For the HCOP program, Dr. Ojo teaches Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry.

This is Dr. Ojo's second summer of teaching for HCOP.

Tyler Payne, M.S. Mr. Payne was the senior advisor of 1st- and 2nd-year students in the Thompson Learning Community at the University of Nebraska-Omaha before transitioning to his new role as the strategic retention specialist for the Exploratory Studies department. For the HCOP Summer program, Mr. Payne teaches Strategies for Academic Success. This is Mr. Payne's second summer of teaching for HCOP.

Dr. Tatyana Pinyayev, PhD Dr. Pinyayev is an experienced research chemist with a passion for teaching at both the high school and undergraduate levels. With her BS in Chemistry and her PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Dr. Pinyayev provides students the opportunity to see Chemistry in a new way and to garner excitement for the subject. During the school year she is department chair and teacher of Honors and AP Chemistry at Covington Latin School in Kentucky.

Dr. Robert Selkin, MD Dr. Selkin began his career as a private practice opthalmologist. However, his passion turned to education in 2014 when he began coaching underprivileged students in LaCrosse and helping ensure their pathway to college. He now heads an ACT prep/college prep program and his work with youth is detailed in the ESPN documentary Crossroads. He is the ACT Prep instructor for the HCOP 2020 Summer program. This is Dr. Selkin's second summer of teaching for HCOP.

Shanta Smith, CMA, LPN, BS, M.Ed, MS With extensive background in both clinical and clinical education settings, Ms. Smith is an healthcare educator with the North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) clinic, a nonprofit community health center in Omaha, NE, and has recently begun her own nonprofit focused on providing free career education in healthcare for students in North Omaha. For the HCOP summer program, Ms. Smith teaches Anatomy and Medical Terminology. This is Ms. Smith's third year with the HCOP program.

Christina Jelinek, BS After getting her degree in Education, Ms. Jelinek spent 6 years teaching in a public school in Pawnee City, NE. In her time in public education, Ms. Jelinek discovered her passion for student counselling and academic success. Since her move to Omaha, Ms. Jelinek came aboard HCOP as the Academic Success Counselor/Case Manager. During the HCOP summer program, Ms. Jelinek teaches Tools for Academic Success.

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