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Memories of A Penitent Heart Documentary Screening and Homework Support – January 25, 2020

The HCOP staff informed all HCOP Health Careers Ambassador student participants to get their popcorn ready as it was movie time!! “Memories of a Penitent Heart” is a documentary that explores the ethical issues health professionals face day-to-day, how to deal with patients and families, patient refusal of treatment, and the stigma of certain health conditions. A timely film, since the recent breakthrough by UNMC researchers searching for a cure for HIV...check out the link: Immediately after the screening, HCOP staff and students participated in detailed group discussion where questions were posed, thoughts were shared and a better understanding of the challenges health professionals face was gained.

The latter half of the session, focused on what we call Homework Support – where each of the HCOP health professional students have shared with HCOP staff subjects in which they are experts in i.e. Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, Genetics, Statistics, etc. And from this gathered information, we implemented Homework Support where our HCOP high school and undergraduate students were able to receive help with homework/classroom assignments covering a wide range of subjects offered up by our most amazing HCOP health professional students. High school and undergraduate students were advised to come with ALL the homework/class assignments that they could possibly think of and to be sure to bring along textbooks, classroom notes, subject handouts as well as any questions they may have regarding homework. This was the perfect time to get questions answered and receive clarification on subject material that may have been racking their brains.

Check out the pictures and subject table tents below:

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