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Mock ACT - Practice Makes Progress

At HCOP, we know that an ACT or SAT score isn’t just a measure of one’s knowledge of the content - it’s also a measure of one’s ability to take a test. This includes stress management, thorough reading skills, deductive reasoning, and simple stamina - the ability to keep your focus for long periods of time.

One of the most effective ways to improve test-taking skills is to take practice exams. Not only does it help build the stamina and test-taking skills, it also helps to reduce test anxiety.

On Saturday, November 7th, the HCOP High School participants had the opportunity to take the mock ACT exam with virtual proctoring by the Academic Success Counselor, Christina Jelinek. Each student was able to log into the practice exam from their own electronic device and was given the whole 3-hour time period to take the ACT exam while being proctored via Zoom.

While taking a 3-hour mock test is not exactly an exciting way to spend a Saturday, many students expressed their gratitude for the experience, and understood the value of taking the practice ACT.

As a part of their HCOP participation, all eligible high school students have access to Kaplan test preparation resources, including a total of 9 practice exams for both the SAT and ACT. All students were encouraged to use these resources to expand their knowledge and ability on these important exams.

While studying for a test can be a daunting task, it always helps to have a plan - and taking practice exams is a key part of a good study plan. Students will have the opportunity to take another practice exam on February 13, 2021.

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