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OneWorld Community Health Center Field Trip - November 2, 2019

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Yet another group of fifteen (15) HCOP undergraduate students had the pleasure of visiting the OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. – Livestock Campus on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Upon arrival, students and staff were greeted by Joel Dougherty (Chief Operating Officer) who provided an extensive overview of the center’s history, occupations, strategic plan, communities served, services provided, funding, and so much more. The overview led to a 30-minute Q&A session where students were enthralled with all OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. has accomplished over the years and intends to accomplish in the future.

After the Q&A session, Joel Dougherty informed everyone to grab their coats as we were headed on a tour of the Livestock Exchange Building which housed: the WIC Clinic, on-site pharmacy, dental clinic, administrative offices, patient rooms, sterilization labs, etc. The best portion of the tour would hands-down have to be that of the dental clinic located on the ENTIRE 3rd Floor of the Livestock Exchange Building. The dental clinic examines and cares for children, teenagers and adults of all ages needing dental examinations, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, emergency treatment for pain, swelling, care for broken teeth and root canal therapy.

A portion of the HCOP undergraduate cohort, visiting OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.

Following the tour, to bring a close to the day, OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.’s very own Dr. Jeremey Howe joined the group to discuss patient interactions, medical diagnoses, work-life balance and his personal journey to becoming a family medicine doctor. He provided several memorable “one-liners” but the one that resonated with the group was: “Proximity breeds passion.” – encouraging the students to immerse themselves in people, places and environments that can fuel their life and career passions; ultimately, making the work of providing care to others more rewarding and enjoyable.

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