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Pipeline to Success - HCOP Session 5

HCOP Study Skills Workshop

As finals approach, health professional students in Creighton University’s Pipeline to Success – Health Careers Opportunity Program are hitting the books even harder than usual. This session, HCOP health professionals had the opportunity to discuss their study strategy with HCOP Academic Success Counselor, Christina Jelinek, who led a workshop on the topic. Participants began with a discussion on their own study strategy, what that phrase means to them, and how their study strategy has changed over the course of their academic career. Students watched a video about the information processing model, as well as demonstrations of various ways to encode information into their long-term memory more quickly. Lastly, students had the opportunity to learn about various graphic organizers and their effectiveness for learning information and were able to create some graphic organizers and test questions of their own, as a way of practice. The session ended with a conversation on what students have learned through their journey in academics, what study strategies they see being used effectively among their peers, and how to balance it all.

2019 Health Careers Ambassador Program Students

North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic Field Trip

On April 6th, 2019, 11 Pipeline to Success - HCOP High School students and 11 Pipeline to Success - HCOP Undergraduate students had the opportunity to take part in a field trip to the North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic in Omaha, NE. The North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic is a non-profit organization with a vision dedicated to becoming the beacon of light in the community, by ministering to the hearts, body, and minds of families and individuals in North Omaha.

The event commenced with an introduction and a tour of NOAH Clinic by Mr. Ira Combs, the founder and CEO of NOAH Clinic. The introduction section highlighted the history of NOAH Clinic and the health services provided at NOAH Clinic. A tour of the entire clinic was given, and all staff of NOAH Clinic present gave a brief introduction of themselves, their role in the clinic and in-depth details of the service(s) provided at their station. HCOP staff and students enjoyed the great lunch reception offered by NOAH Clinic and then were divided into five groups for the remainder of the activities scheduled which included shadowing a nurse practitioner, attending brief presentations on various health topics such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV screening demonstration; community activities. Lastly, students collaborated with each other to develop a group project in which each group presented to an audience of staff and students. Questions asked during the group projects were:

· How do you get the disease (cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS, STDs)?

· If treatment is available, what is the treatment?

· How do you prevent this disease?

· Which population does this disease affect the most? Why?

· How do you educate the community or spread the word?

At the end of the trip, HCOP staff and students expressed gratitude and appreciation to the NOAH Clinic team.

Heart Ministry Field Trip

On April 12th, 2019, 7 Pipeline to Success - HCOP High School students and 3 Pipeline to Success - HCOP Undergraduate students had the opportunity to take part in an elective field trip to the Heart Ministry Center in Omaha, NE. The Heart Ministry Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of North Omaha’s residents by providing a food pantry, job placement, case management, dental clinic as well as the Porto Urgent Care Clinic.

Students began the day with an introduction and history of the organization by Heart Ministry Center’s CEO, Mr. Eric Crawford, followed by a tour of the entire facility and description of the various programs provided. Then, students were divided into groups and had the opportunity to participate in clinical shadowing in the Porto Urgent Care Clinic, learn more about case management from Heart Ministry Center staff, and volunteer in the Heart Ministry Center food pantry.

At the end of the trip, HCOP participants expressed appreciation for the Heart Ministry Center’s mission and genuine passion for serving demonstrated by the staff they were able to talk to.

The completion of these two field trips aligns with the objective of “exposing students to primary care activities”.

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