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Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Weeks 3 & 4

Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Week 3

On Friday, July 5th, HCOP participants were invited to view “Memories of a Penitent Heart”, a stirring documentary on the topic of HIV and AIDS, family dynamics, and complicated stigma associated with certain ailments. Afterwards, students participated in small and large group discussions about health disparities, family dynamics and how they, as future healthcare providers, can make a difference in difficult health related situations.

HCOP High school students participate in a mood activity during the "Understanding Your Mood" workshop.

Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Week 4

Cultural Competency Training

On Friday, July 12th, HCOP participants received training in Cultural Competency. The training was led by HCOP program director, Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki. Students were invited to start the workshop by sharing with the group an item they had brought from home to represent a piece of their culture. The workshop covered cultural competency from the standpoint of a student as well as that of a healthcare professional. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions about patients and providers struggles in the workforce and what they can do to mitigate health disparities in their own communities going forward.

Understanding Your Mood Workshop

On the same Friday, HCOP participants were able to participate in a workshop led by Ms. Gwynette Williams, program director of Collective for Youth. Collective for Youth is an organization devoted to connecting students in the Omaha area to the resources they need to succeed. This engaging, hands-on workshop helped students to understand their emotions and how to manage their mood when going into a work or academic situation.

HCOP participants at the "Understanding Your Mood" workshop.

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