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Resume 101: Developing a Stand-Out Qualifications Profile

As far as the resume is concerned, there are tons of suggestions and recommendations on what it should contain and how it should be developed.

Should it be one page? Should there be a qualifications profile at the top of the page? Should one include personal interests and volunteer experience? And how does one make it stand out, especially when the individual looking at your resume is receiving tons of applications?

In several ways, a resume is the first step toward a student’s future academic and professional career, as it is usually the first thing a hiring manager or selection committee takes a look at. It is crucial to make positive impression by presenting a clean, clear, and concise resume that details a student’s qualifications for the open position.

With that being said, during two consecutive HCOP sessions (December 4, 2021 and December 18, 2021), all HCOP high school, undergraduate, and health professional students got to interactively participate in what the HCOP team coined Resume Group Work where students were placed in small groups (virtual breakout sessions) during the session, to take time to look at their work, volunteer, and school experiences and create a qualifications profile that showcased their skills and abilities. Prior to each session, all students were instructed to bring with them to the session a draft version of their updated resume to be ready to discuss with their group (along with the HCOP team). The key was for students to give and receive input while using this time to brainstorm key phrases for each student’s individualized qualifications profile.

And you ask – what is a qualifications profile?

It is a set of 4-6 bullet points at the top of the resume that gives selection committees/employers a brief look at a student’s skills, experience, and/or relevant education. It helps provide a positive impression in the brief amount of time a resume is viewed by a hiring manager or selection committee.

HCOP team members “popped” into each group to offer tips/advice, take questions, and hear what each group had to offer each other in terms of developing a qualifications profile. As a take-away assignment, students were instructed to complete/finalize their qualifications profile and submit for review to the HCOP Academic Success Counselor/Case Manager for final review and assessment.

Great work HCOPers!!!

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