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Resume, Personal Statement and Interviewing Skills Workshop and Homework Support – February 29, 2020

It’s Leap Year!! On Saturday, February 29, 2020, all HCOP student participants (high school, undergraduate and health professional) had the opportunity to participate in a Resume’, Personal Statement and Interviewing Skills Workshop that was facilitated by Raven Ortolan-Weseman from Creighton University’s John P. Fahey Career Center. Students spent part of the morning learning about various strategies that can get their resume’ to the top of the stack by keeping your information easy to read, to the point and on message. Next up, students were educated on the best way to prepare for an interview i.e. researching the organization, importance of first impressions, eye contact, firm handshakes, etc. To bring the session to a close, gears were switched to focus more on the development of the grueling personal statement and how it allows the reviewers the opportunity to get to know more about you, your motivations, priorities, values, goals, and commitment.

Each student was charged with completing a revamped and revised resume’ and personal statement over the next few weeks for submission to HCOP staff by Saturday, March 25, 2020.

The last hour of the session focused on yet another Homework Support session – where each of the HCOP health professional students have shared with HCOP staff subjects in which they are experts in i.e. Calculus, Medical Terminology, Paper Writing, Anatomy/Physiology, History, French, etc. And from this gathered information, we implemented Homework Support where our HCOP high school and undergraduate students were able to receive help with homework/classroom assignments covering a wide range of subjects offered up by our most amazing HCOP health professional students. High school and undergraduate students were advised to come with ALL the homework/class assignments that they could think of and to be sure to bring along textbooks, classroom notes, subject handouts as well as any questions they may have regarding homework. This was the perfect time to get questions answered and receive clarification on subject materials.

Check out Raven doing what she does best below:

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