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Virtual Clinical Experiences with BodyInteract™

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, HCOP has assumed a virtual format. One challenge that comes with a virtual program is providing students with valuable clinical experiences. Since 2020 HCOP has partnered with BodyInteract™ Virtual Patient Simulator, a web-based program that allows students to assume the role of a healthcare provider.

HCOP high school and undergraduate students were able to take part in virtual clinical experiences on December 4th and 18th, respectively. During these sessions, Dr. John Stone, MD, PhD, was once again on hand to lead students through the case, provide first-hand knowledge, and answer any questions.

The case for this month involved a virtual patient with a history of rheumatic fever presenting with mitral stenosis. Students spent time observing as Dr. Stone guided them through the case, and then split into groups to do their own research on rheumatic fever and streptococcal infection. To end the session, each group had time to ask any questions related to the case, their research, or general questions related to healthcare and study.

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