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Virtual Clinical Experiences with BodyInteract™

Since 2019, HCOP programming has been virtual. One challenge that comes with a virtual program is providing students with valuable clinical experiences. Since 2020 HCOP has partnered with BodyInteract™ Virtual Patient Simulator, a web-based program that allows students to simulate the role of a healthcare provider.

HCOP high school and undergraduate students were able to take part in virtual clinical experiences on March 5th and 19th, respectively. During these sessions, Dr. John Stone, MD, PhD instructed the students through the case and provide first-hand knowledge, with answers to clinical questions.

The case for the month of March 2022 involved a virtual patient who collapsed at home and was brought to the ER unconscious. Students observed as Dr. Stone guided them through the case and discussed the differences in protocol when a patient comes in with altered consciousness or unconscious. Dr. Stone started the simulation by asking participants to share what they already know about stroke and coma. Participants were then assigned into groups to do their own research on the different types of stroke. The students reconvened with the main group to share their knowledge about these conditions, including the two types of stroke and how their symptoms, risk factors and treatments vary. To end the session, each group had time to ask any questions related to the case, their research, or general questions related to healthcare and study.

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