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We Are Ringing In The New Year With Gratitude!

A Letter From The HCOP Team

It can be easy to think of all the things we want to accomplish as we enter the new year: more time, more energy, better grades, improved study habits, more clinical shadowing hours and much more! But we here at HCOP, would like to focus on all the things we’re grateful for as we start the year 2021:

The ability to continue to support our students, community partners and residents. Being able to transition HCOP programming to a virtual space during the COVID-19 global pandemic while still providing resources, education and exposure to health professions brings along its own sense of enormous appreciation.

Being provided the platform (yet very different from the “norm”) to uphold the HCOP Mission, Vision and Purpose. We provide students from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds the skills needed to successfully compete for, enter and ultimately; graduate from health professional school; endeavor to provide a multitude of program activities that cultivate the union of academics and interpersonal experiences within each student that will prove to be a vital tool along the journey to success; and provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds the access, education and training necessary to become a healthcare professional with the overarching goal of increasing diversity within the healthcare workforce.

And YOU (our students)!!! Saving the best for last – we, the HCOP Team, simply could not do this without each of you. Thank you for supporting us, challenging us, and inspiring us to provide more of what you deserve as future health professionals.

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