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2020-2021 Online Health Careers Ambassador Session – Virtual Student Orientation

HCOP is back at it again with another virtual session filled with future health professionals!!!

Summer is over and we’ve jumped into a new academic year, a new way of learning, a new perspective and a new cohort of seventy-one (71) students (high school, undergraduate and health professional).

To provide more insight into what the current 2020-2021 Online Health Careers Ambassador Session looks like – the session is an 8-month program, every other Saturday, (only 3 hours each of those Saturdays) that provides a plethora of academic and professional enrichment opportunities where students partake in various health-related workshops, professional development seminars, online mentoring, standardized test preparation, online homework support, virtual clinical shadowing, virtual field trips, etc. – the session began September 12, 2020 and ends April 24, 2021. Students are more than likely at their host institutions enrolled in credit-courses; therefore, the 2020-2021 Online Health Careers Ambassador Session is designed to complement the student’s present coursework and provide academic/professional support along the journey to academic success.

To kick-off the session – bright and early, on Saturday, September 12, 2020 - students got to join HCOP staff along with their fellow peers for a much-anticipated virtual student orientation via Zoom. Keeping in line with our previous virtual student orientation, each student was provided with their very own personalized e-Orientation packet beforehand to review which included information related to HCOP’s mission, vision and purpose, HCOP’s community partners, student sign-in instructions, program session calendar, HCOP’s online mentoring program, academic support, pre-assessment surveys, and tons of other goodies!!!

During orientation, students got to “meet” HCOP Program Director - Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki, HCOP Program Supervisor – Aminatu Issaka, and HCOP Academic Success Counselor – Christina Jelinek. After three (3) hours of screen-sharing, getting through introductions, enjoying a few icebreakers, covering the rules and regulations of the program, asking questions, and getting used to all of us being in different time zones – everyone expressed a huge amount of excitement towards the academic year ahead!

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