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Creating a Culturally Competent Community

As the United States grows more and more culturally and ethnically diverse, there is a growing need for healthcare providers who are well versed in cultural competency.

What does a culturally competent health professional look like? At a recent HCOP session, students were able to learn that culturally competent professionals consider a person’s cultural and ethnic background and use this knowledge to help guide behavior and treatment plans for patients and their families.

Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki, MD; Ophthalmic Surgeon, Associate Vice-Provost of Health Sciences, and HCOP Program Director led the workshop on cultural competency, where students were asked to help define culture and diversity. Students learned the importance of respect, open-mindedness, and basic skills such as listening. The students also learned about various cultural competency terminologies used in the business world and in patient care.

To close out the session, each student shared an item that represented their culture and explained exactly how it was significant to them.

Feedback for the event was very positive, with one student commenting, "Absolutely enjoyed this weeks session...Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki made a strong positive impact on my life today. Most valuable advice and information I have received in my life."

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