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Creighton University Pipeline to Success 2019 Health Careers Ambassador Program Session 3

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

HCOP High School Students

Saturday, March 2, 2019 was HCOP Session 3 programming. During the programming session, HCOP high school students had the opportunity to visit the John P. Fahey Career Center at Creighton University. Students spent the morning learning about how to build a resume for college applications as well as employment purposes. They also learned about the personal statement; how to stand out as a candidate and how to “show” not “tell” their best qualities. To end the session, students learned how to build their interview skills.

(John P. Fahey Career Center - Creighton University)
HCOP High School Students

Other strategies discussed include combating nervousness, asking questions of the interviewer, dressing and behaving professionally. The students had the opportunity to use the Career Center’s interview rooms to practice the response to interview questions like “tell me about yourself”. It was a very informative and fun morning.

In addition, a Cultural Competency Discussion led by the HCOP Director, Dr. Kosoko-Lasaki, took place at the Hixson-Lied Science Building - Room 361 for the HCOP undergraduate and health professional students. Members of Community Health Advocate (CHA) Certification Program were invited to join the discussion. The agenda for the discussion included Cultural Awareness, Demonstrating Cultural Awareness, Small Steps Great Leaps and Collaborative Learning. Group exercises that took place included Intercultural Sharing of Information about participant's origin while the students introduced an item that represents their culture. All the students completed a Personal Biases Assessment Form which they did not have to share with the facilitator.

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Noemi Bonilla
Noemi Bonilla
Mar 23, 2019

This was an awesome experience! learning about team work the health care professionals and the community leaders to promote awareness of opioid epidemic.

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