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HCOP 2020 Structured Summer Program - Virtual Awards and Recognition Ceremony

After a fantastic summer full of learning, networking, and gaining new experiences, the 2020 Health Careers Opportunity Program - Structured Summer Program drew to a close on August 7th, 2020 with a virtual awards and recognition ceremony.

The occasion began with personal messages of well-wishing by the Program Supervisor, Aminatu Issaka, and the Academic Success Counselor, Christina Jelinek. Two students, Daniel Chung and Sarah Liassidi, also spoke and gave reflections on their time in HCOP.

Each student was awarded a certificate of completion for their hard work in completing the 6-week program, and additional awards were given out to students who were nominated by their instructors and identified as having excelled in their enrichment courses (see list of winners below.)

The event ended by giving students and faculty the ability to speak on their time, and many thanks and well-wishes were said by all. Finally, before the event ended, students took part in a virtual "dance party" to celebrate their success one last time!

We, the HCOP staff, have nothing but fond memories of our HCOP Summer 2020 students, and can't wait to see where they go from here. Remember - "Once HCOP, always HCOP!"

HCOP Summer Program Awardees:

Excellence in Genetics: Sommer Ramos

Genetics Most Improved: Jakob Schneider

Excellence in Cell Biology: Marisela Mora Arciniega

Cell Biology Most Improved: Taea Jackson

Excellence in ACT Preparation: Noah McPherson

ACT Preparation Most Improved: Alexandria Schmidt

Excellence in Undergrad Academic Success: Johnette Williams

Undergrad Academic Success Most Improved: Sarah Liassidi

Excellence in Academic Reading and Writing: Alexandria Schmidt

Academic Reading and Writing Most Improved: Rachel Manlangit

Excellence in Gross Anatomy: Holly Stokes

Gross Anatomy Most Improved: Angelina Robert

Excellence in Medical Terminology: Maxwell Adams

Medical Terminology Most Improved: Martin Ketcha

Excellence in High School Physics: Rachel Villagran

High School Physics Most Improved: Savannah McHugh

Excellence in Undergraduate Physics: Aubi Pangindian

Undergraduate Physics Most Improved: Angelina Robert

Excellence in Algebra and Trigonometry: Roberto Vazquez

Excellence in Organic Chemistry: Seth Arakawa

Organic Chemistry Most Improved: Martin Ketcha

Excellence in High School Academic Success: Alexandria Schmidt

High School Academic Success Most Improved: Waina Ali

Excellence in Biochemistry: Ty Langford

Biochemistry Most Improved: Sophie Yook

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