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HCOP Alumni Spotlight - Kafele Williams

Kafele Williams

Creighton University

Master’s in Business Intelligence & Analytics

(HCOP Alumni 2009 - 2011)

Current HCOP Member of Board of Advisors

Question 1: What year(s) were you a participant in HCOP at Creighton University?

“I first started participating in HCOP at Creighton during the Summer of 2009 and stayed active until the Spring of 2011.”

Question 2: Describe your most memorable HCOP moment.

“My most memorable HCOP moment was completing the Gates Millennium Scholarship with the help of Creighton University volunteers. My second most memorable moment was working with cadavers while being guided by Creighton Medical Students. The students were very encouraging as we held internal organs for the first time and traced our fingers along dyed veins. Both experiences are unforgettable.”

Question 3: How did your experience with HCOP mold your academic and professional achievements?

“Through HCOP, I was able to learn more about the different aspects of healthcare. From the community perspective (by volunteering to help take blood pressure and sugar levels in neighboring areas), to the academic perspective (by taking college classes like microbiology and organic chemistry while still in high school), and the financial perspective (through the different job shadowing opportunities that were offered). Having these opportunities allowed me to get an idea of what I wanted to do in the future and start developing a plan to achieve those goals.”

Question 4: What’s one piece of advice you would offer to current HCOP participants?

“If I could only offer one piece of advice to HCOP participants, I would encourage everyone to grab onto unique opportunities to learn and grow whenever they represent themselves. The lessons learned will be invaluable over time.”

Question 5: What inspires you?

“The opportunity to help people.”

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Jun 21, 2019

Ayyee Kafele!! Super dope human 😊

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