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HCOP Session 8 – Study Skills and Mentor/Mentee Social

To end the year 2020, HCOP participants had the opportunity to reflect on their semester and celebrate with their mentoring groups.

To start the session on December 19th, 2020, HCOP participants had the opportunity to participate in a study skills workshop led by HCOP Academic Success Counselor, Christina Jelinek. The goal of the workshop was to reflect on the past semester, take stock of student’s study habits (good and bad), and reflect on goals for improvement in the spring semester in 2021.

Mrs. Jelinek divided the workshop into the five “W”’s of studying – the Who (or in this case, With Whom), What, When, Where, and WHY of studying. Students had the opportunity to reflect and discuss best practices for studying for various subjects, how to effectively form study groups, and how to use information about how we learn to plan a study routine that helps increase motivation.

Mrs. Jelinek asked all participants to take time over the holiday break to reflect on the “why” portion – that is, why they work so hard, what their end goal is, and to keep that motivation in their hearts and minds going forward into the new year.

The second portion of the session was a mentor-mentee social. All HCOP participants had been divided into mentoring groups that meet regularly on a bi-weekly basis. Session 8 sought to give students the opportunity to meet with their mentoring groups during the session and participate in some fun games.

Mentoring groups were divided into breakout rooms and were given a series of difficult riddles or brain teasers to try and solve as a group. The HCOP staff were impressed with the teams’ ability to answer the questions given the limited amount of time!

To end the session, mentoring groups were given the opportunity to meet, socialize, and make plans for mentoring during the holiday break.

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