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In The News!!! Check out what some of our HCOPers have been up to…

Event Date: October 29 – 30, 2020

In October, the Creighton University's Research and Development (RAD) Laboratory, Creighton University's Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs (HS-MACA) Department and the Center for Promoting Health and Health Equity (CPHHE) collaborated and hosted its very own public health-based Hackathon 2020 which set out to explore solutions to mental health disparities using technology. This hackathon was a unique way to connect individuals of diverse backgrounds, specialties, and education whom were able use their expertise and ingenuity to create applicable solutions to public health problems.

Invited to participate were all pre-collegiate, collegiate, and professional students. Our own HCOPers also participated in the event: Catrina Tounjian and Areeha Ilyas (both, 2020 High School Structured Summer Student Participants). Not only did they make up 2 out of their 3-member team called Team ACTion, they swooped in and landed themselves the 1st Place prize!!!!

Super-duper congrats to Team ACTion. Feel free to check out how they made headlines in their local newspaper, the Sioux City Journal by clicking the link below:

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