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Metropolitan Community College and Admissions Tour – February 17, 2020

What better time for an interactive tour at a local community college than when all Omaha Public Schools were CLOSED!!! Creighton University’s Pipeline to SuccessHealth Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) has officially partnered with Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska’s largest community college) in which they have agreed to provide HCOP students a private tour of one of its campuses that consisted of a complete tour of the MCC – South Omaha campus, information about MCC’s admission and scholarship process, exploration of the Health Sciences and Health Technology Department and visiting with faculty and staff. The absolute best part was touring their new SynDaver laboratory and getting up close and personal with “Rita” (see below) – a high-fidelity and highly-sophisticated synthetic human model used for medical simulation, education and medical device development. Several HCOP high school and undergraduate students attended this event and had much to rave about on the ride back to campus. KUDOS to the faculty, staff, and administration at Metropolitan Community College!

Check out a few pictures below:

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