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North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic Field Trip and ACT Practice Exam #2 – March 7, 2020

One of HCOP’s main objectives is to expose students to primary care settings that provide a first-hand look at the amazing work health professionals perform on a day-to-day basis and what better way than taking a field trip to the North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic! HCOP’s undergraduate and health professional students hopped the Creighton University shuttle and were on their way to participate in a few hours of clinical shadowing and primary care immersion activities which included:

  • Taking part in hearing about the history of NOAH Clinic from the clinic’s very own Founder/Director, Mr. Ira Combs.

  • Getting detailed informed about health services provided at NOAH Clinic such as STD screening, wellness check-ups, women’s services, cholesterol/high blood pressure/diabetes screening, treatment of minor illnesses/injuries, family planning, etc.

  • Shadowing a nurse practitioner and a community health worker (CHW) as they demonstrated basic health screenings.

  • Attending brief presentations on various health topics and community activities facilitated by clinic staff.

And the best part, all services provided to patients that enter their doors are completely FREE!!!

Here are a few pictures from the day’s event below:

While the HCOP undergraduate and health professional students were visiting the North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic, the HCOP high school students sat for their 2nd ACT Full Length Practice Exam administered at Creighton University. The Creighton University Pipeline to Success Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) provides high school students with test preparation activities which prepare them for admission to health professional school and beyond. Several students came with test-approved snacks (only eaten during set break times) and a test-approved calculator. After completing the exam, each student emails their scores to the HCOP Academic Success Counselor where she provides individualized performance feedback.

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