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OneWorld Community Health Center Field Trip - October 12

Fifteen (15) HCOP undergraduate students had the pleasure of visiting the OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. – Livestock Campus on Saturday, October 12, 2019. Upon arrival, students and staff were greeted by Jennifer Mayhew (Director of Operations) who provided an extensive overview of the center’s history, occupations, strategic plan, communities served, services provided, funding, and so much more. The overview led to a 30-minute Q & A session were students were engaged and mesmerized by everything that OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. has accomplished over the years and intends to accomplish in the future.

After the Q&A session, Jennifer Mayhew informed everyone to grab their coats as we were headed on a tour of the entire multi-building campus which included: the WIC Clinic, on-site pharmacy, dental clinic, medical clinic (for adults and youth), administrative offices, food pantry, baby boutique, patient rooms, sterilization labs, etc. It was safe to say, that the tour was a pretty thorough one that was filled with tons of “oohhs” and “aaahhhs”.

Following the tour, to bring a close to the day, OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.’s Nursing Manager (of three of their clinics) joined the group to discuss the art of medical charting and assessing patient history. HCOP students were able to receive a live-demonstration of the EHR (electronic health records) platform – NextGen Healthcare used by each health professional employed by OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc.

At the end of the day, several HCOP students inquired about volunteering, shadowing and employments opportunities at OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. - which means, in all, today was a great day for our future health professionals!!

HCOP Undergraduate students touring the OneWorld campus on October 12th.

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