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Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Weeks 1 & 2

HCOP Undergraduate students take part in a team-building exercise.

Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Week 1

The 17th of June marked orientation day for the Pipeline to Success Health Careers Opportunity Program’s Structured Summer Program. For this intensive six-week program, twenty-six (ten high-school and sixteen undergraduate ) students participated in enrichment science courses in subjects such as physics, chemistry, anatomy, college writing and test preparation. Every Friday during the six-week program were reserved for activities meant to strengthen student knowledge of the health care field, to share with students training and education necessary to succeed as a professional, and for students to shadow and gain experiences in a healthcare setting. The week started with an orientation day for students. There was a separate orientation for the six HCOP instructors who would be teaching enrichment courses during the summer. On Friday, High school HCOP participants had the opportunity to take a practice ACT from Kaplan in true exam conditions, in order to strengthen their test-taking skills. All students were given instructional supplies such as bar charts and flash cards to aid them in their HCOP coursework. Students were also introduced to HCOP Referral Program, which rewards students for the referral of friends to the HCOP program with a free subscription to Scholly, a scholarship matching service as well with added homework help and paper editing applications.

Undergraduate HCOP participants then took part in team-building exercises in order to get to know each other better, and to emphasize the importance of teamwork and communication in the professional world. Students participated in challenges such as the human knot, “helium stick”, building towers out of spaghetti and sharpening their communication skills through a blind Pictionary activity.

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HCOP High school participants learn about financial aid with EducationQuest.

Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Week 2

On Friday, June 28th, HCOP participants were able to take part in Financial Aid Day. Workshops in financial aid were given to both high school and undergraduate participants by EducationQuest and the Creighton financial aid department, respectively. Later, representatives from the Creighton financial aid department gave a workshop on “financial literacy”. Students were able to learn about building credit, budgeting responsibly, and saving money in college and beyond. The day ended with a Q&A session.

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