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Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Weeks 5 & 6

At NOAH Clinic, HCOP participants learned hands-on skills for a clinical setting.

Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Week 5

On Friday, July 19th, HCOP participants took part in a workshop on resume building, personal statement writing, and interview skills lead by a representative from Creighton’s own John P. Fahey Career Center. In the afternoon, they had the opportunity to take a field trip to the North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic. Students got a tour of the facilities and work on hands-on projects related to healthcare.

Pipeline to Success - HCOP Summer Week 6

HCOP Chemistry Student Field Trip

On Thursday, July 25th, HCOP Summer instructor Alexis Madsen took her Biology class out of the building as she led her students on a field trip to the Missouri river. Students had the opportunity to examine water samples, collected sedimentary rocks from the riverbank, and took time to discuss the origin and significance of this body of water. Students then had the opportunity to visit the National Park Visitor Center and speak with a Ranger on the geological formations of the Midwest.

HCOP Undergraduate students learn about sedimentary rocks at the Missouri riverfront.

Heart Ministry Center’s Porto Urgent Care Clinic Field Trip

On Friday, July 26th, HCOP participants had the opportunity to visit the Heart Ministry Center’s Porto Urgent Care Clinic, to see how the center operates and to learn a bit more about a day in the life of an urgent care clinic worker. Afterwards, students, and their families as well as HCOP instructors were invited to attend an end-of-year awards banquet in the Skutt ballroom, where the previous six weeks of hard work was celebrated.

HCOP Participants celebrate their success at the awards luncheon.

Awards and Recognition Dinner

Friday, July 26th was the final day for HCOP’s structured summer program. Students and their families, instructors, HS-MACA staff and their guests met in the Skutt Student Center ballroom for a celebratory luncheon and to receive awards and certificates. The featured speaker for the event, Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki, HCOP Program Director, congratulated students on their success and spoke on a relevant topic for all students – Criminal Background Checks for Health Professions Student Applicants, its significance and procedures. After the talk, students received certificates of completion of the HCOP program, and some students, listed below, received awards for exemplary participation.

Excellence in College Physics – Haley Pulliam

Excellence in High School Physics – Jaquelin Vega-Bustamante

Excellence in Psychology – Chase Howard

Excellence in College Chemistry – Darian Murcek-Ellis

Excellence in High School Chemistry – Achtij Aliyg

Excellence in Anatomy – Rizwan Siddiqui

Excellence in Medical Terminology – Brennan Lee

Excellence in Academic Reading and Writing – Ayele D’Almeida

Excellence in Mathematics – Ashanti Washington

College Leadership Award – Mya Carter

High School Leadership Award – Hannah Khama

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