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Polishing and Preparing for Greatness – HCOP Session 7

On Saturday, December 5th, 2020, HCOP participants at all educational levels came together to learn about developing and building their resume , personal statement writing, and interview skills.

This session, Team HCOP was joined by Katie Wessel from Creighton University’s John P. Fahey Career Center to talk about all things related to preparing for college and career. The day started with a resume building workshop. Students brought in a draft of their resume. They were instructed on how to format, what to include, and other best practices that are currently desired by employers and college committees.

The second topic of the session was personal statement writing. Mrs. Wessel led the group through the process of writing a great personal statement, from brainstorming to final edits, and included some great tips for making an impactful personal statement.

Finally, HCOP participants were able to learn about the art of interviewing, the dress code and possible questions to be prepared for in an interview. The students learned a lot and had many great questions and discussion points. Students were also shown the fantastic resource Big Interview, which gives them the opportunity to attempt and record their own mock interviews using their personal devices. This sort of mock interview helps lessen interview anxiety and helps students work on their interview skills.

Altogether, Session 7 was a day full of discussion, great questions and of course, essential information for preparing for future college and career!

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