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Telling Your Professional Story, with the Creighton Career Center

All HCOP participants are united in one common goal - to succeed in an area related to healthcare. In order to reach that goal, it’s imperative that students are as prepared as possible for future professional endeavors by having a stellar resume and personal statement, as well as by going into interviews prepared.

In order to help students reach that goal, HCOP partnered with Creighton University’s John P. Fahey Career Center. On December 4th, Katie Wessel of the Career Center led a workshop on resume building, personal statement writing, and interview skills. During this workshop, students learned how to make a resume that stands out, how to avoid common pitfalls in resumes and interviews, as well as some fantastic tips for perfecting your personal statement writing process.

Students were provided with excellent examples of resumes and personal statements, and had no shortage of questions for Katie, who was a great resource of knowledge not just on basic application questions, but on more nuanced areas such as health professional school applications as well.

Thanks to HCOP and the Creighton University Career Center, students are equipped to tell their professional story with confidence!

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