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“Tooth Be Told” by LaDijah Shivers – Creighton University School of Dentistry Demonstration

It’s always amazing to hear from students as it relates to their experience and journey in becoming a health professional!! What makes it even better is if that story is coming from a previous HCOPer!!!

LaDijah Shivers, current D3 at CU School of Dentistry and former HCOP participant

On Saturday, February 19, 2022, approximately thirty-five (35) HCOP high school and health professional students were joined by LaDijah Shivers (formerly Wood) – 2019-2020 Health Careers Ambassador Program HCOP alumni who shared the story of her journey in “Becoming Dr. DJ” – a future dentist. In addition, LaDijah shared a few demonstrations about dental tools, teeth molds, x-rays, tooth fillings, etc. While participating in the HCOP program, LaDijah was a first-year dental student at the Creighton University School of Dentistry and currently she is in her third year in dental school with only one year left to complete her education and become a dentist. During her tenure as an HCOP student, she was one of our most positive students, who served as an active mentor to our high school and undergraduate HCOPers as well.

During her presentation to the students, LaDijah was able to take students on a journey of when she first knew she would become a dentist at a very young age to where she is now – the successes, failures, twists/turns, etc. – all of which encompassed rejection letters from all the dental schools she initially applied to, not getting an oh-so-great score on the DAT (Dental Admissions Test) two times in a row, moving to a new city that was completely unfamiliar to her, never giving up on those academic/professional dreams to where she is now!! In addition to giving students a look into her life as a future dentist and conducting several dental demonstrations, she also shared a plethora of resources which students could use to expand their health professional options and assist along their academic/professional careers.

Thanks a bunch for “paying it forward”, LaDijah!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Be sure to follow along in her journey via Instagram – you’ll find it to be very inspirational!!!

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