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Virtual Clinical Experiences with BodyInteract™

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, HCOP has once again assumed a virtual format with its programming. One challenge that comes with a virtual program is providing students with a valuable clinical experience. This year HCOP is again partnering with BodyInteract™ Virtual Patient Simulator, a web-based program that allows students to assume the role of physician or healthcare providers like physician assistants etc.

Using clinical simulation software, students are presented with different scenarios of patients exhibiting various symptoms, and they must ask questions, monitor vitals, run tests and ultimately determine a treatment plan for the patient. This clinical simulation allows students to experience clinical reasoning needed on the part of a healthcare professional, and helps them to familiarize themselves with the sights, sounds, and vocabulary used in a clinic.

On October 23rd, HCOP high school participants attended a session with Dr. John Stone, MD, PhD, an experienced cardiologist who guided students through the case and explained each step. This allowed students to glimpse the mind of how decisions are made in patient care and to understand best practices. Students were also given various questions and challenges and were given time to discuss and brainstorm in virtual breakout rooms with their peers.

While the pandemic may have put a temporary halt to students’ ability to engage in in-person shadowing in a healthcare facility, HCOP is ahead of the curve by providing virtual immersion in a clinical space for its students.

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