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What's Ahead

Planning for the Fall 2019 – 2020 Health Careers Ambassador Session began with a review of all programmatic activities from previous sessions, the successes, as well as the comments/suggestions from participants.

And from that review, this year’s program session is going to be bigger and better!!!

Just to provide a bit of a sneak peek into this year’s session – students will partake in numerous interactive and engaging activities such as:

· Clinical shadowing and primary care immersion opportunities at OneWorld Community Health Centers, Heart Ministry Center, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and North Omaha Area Health (NOAH) Clinic.

· Seminars covering how to create a five-year plan, how to negotiate salary, how to set-up a private practice, grant writing, resources for board examinations, how to navigate being a minority within the health professional realm, etc.

· Basic Life Support (BLS) Training for all students.

· Workshops focused on opioid abuse, mental/behavioral health, stress management, resume’ building, personal statement writing, interviewing skills, etc.

· Speed Mentoring – let’s meet those awesome health professionals in the community.

· Mentor – Mentee socials which equate to FUN, FUN, FUN!!


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