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What’s Your Study “Game Plan”? - A Study Skills Workshop

School - whether it is high school, college, or health professional school - is the pathway to success for HCOP participants, who know that in order to be a successful healthcare provider, they need the underlying knowledge. At HCOP session 11, participants spent time learning about the importance of having a study “game plan”, and how knowing some key facts about how your brain processes information can help set students up for success.

During this workshop, led by academic success counselor Christina Jelinek, students were asked to consider the five W's of their study plan.

Where - being mindful of where study takes place to help build habits in the brain and improve focus

When - considering when students feel most productive and when studying happens

What - what study strategies students employ when they sit down to study

Who - who students study with, and how to maximize the benefits of group study

Why - remembering to find your “why” and to take time to reflect in order to avoid burnout

Christina gave an overview of the information processing model and discussed the importance of elaborative rehearsal and spaced repetition in helping to encode information into the long-term memory faster.

To end the session, students learned ways to use this knowledge to build a study plan that works for them, with the understanding that all study game plans are not the same, and that not every subject can be studied in the same way.

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